Digital Workflow For Implant Dentistry

Digital Workflow For Implant Dentistry at North Shore Implant & Oral Surgery Associates

One of the most exciting developments in modern oral surgery is the way in which digital technology has revolutionized implant procedures. Our doctors are now able to carry out the diagnosis, planning, placement, and restoration of implants in a transformational way that has become standard care at North Shore Implant and Oral Surgery Associates. In a nutshell, digital workflow – digital-based technologies – for implant dentistry combines perfect results with extremely short treatment time at an affordable price.

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The Surgeon’s perspective

Today’s digital planning tools and the availability of guided surgery have allowed our doctors to offer immediate restorations. This digital workflow enables our doctors to:

  • Apply the entire range of their extensive experience to every single case.
  • Develop many variations of each approach and then choose the best option.
  • Combine technical, medical and esthetical points of view immediately.
  • Focus on determining best solutions rather than manufacturing prosthetics.

Why Patients Love It

In addition to receiving beautiful restorations that are placed with precision, we have found that our patients enjoy the following very practical benefits of digital planning as well:

  • Fewer appointments
  • Shorter chair time
  • Minimal swelling
  • Zero to little pain
  • Reduced cost

We look forward to the opportunity of using accurate 3D image planning to gather exact information regarding the details of your case and using it to restore teeth that will fit seamlessly with your smile.

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